"I have medicare.  can I come to primary solutions?"

By law, Medicare beneficiaries must obtain medically necessary care from a participating Medicare provider.  There are a few exceptions to this rule.  Some providers (physicians, doctors of osteopathy, etc.) are allowed to "opt out" of Medicare and accept direct pay from Medicare beneficiaries.  Physical therapists are not included in this "opt-out" option.  If a Medicare beneficiary wishes to pay directly for care from a physical therapy provider such as Primary Solutions that has no relationship with Medicare, they must, of their own free will, request, under the HIPPA privacy act, that no information about their care be shared with Medicare or any secondary insurance that would cooperate with Medicare.  For Medicare beneficiaries who would like to exercise this option, we have consent forms available for that election.  Please note that there will be no option for Medicare beneficiaries to receive, through Medicare nor through secondary insurance, any reimbursement for costs associated with care at Primary Solutions.