"do you take my insurance?"

Primary Solutions Physical Therapy has adopted a "direct pay" model, and as a result, does not participate in any insurance programs.  There are several advantages to this business model:

  • It allows treatment to begin immediately, without waiting days for insurance authorization.
  • It keeps overhead low, which allows the business to require fewer appointments to meet budget--this translates into us being able to offer longer appointment times to more fully address your needs.
  • For some patients, it represents a cost savings.  Our hourly rates are significantly lower than the "out-of-pocket" cost of most other practices.  For clients with high deductible insurance plans, or with high co-pays for physical therapy services, direct pay at Primary Solutions may be a much more affordable option.

For individuals who desire to petition their insurance plan for an "out-of-network" reimbursement, Primary Solutions will provide a detailed invoice for each visit including the needed diagnosis and treatment codes for that submission.  In order to keep our costs down, we do ask our clients to take the responsibility for filing these claims with their insurance, and we cannot guarantee than any plan will provide reimbursement.  Please note that due to our having no relationship with Medicare, we are not able to offer this invoice service to potential clients who are Medicare beneficiaries.