"I am a runner and I experienced an injury on a run.  I was running 4 miles a day and 6-8 miles once a week.  I got a bad case of runner's knee.  My general practitioner gave me some stretches and sent me on my way, saying I may not run again.  I came to see Dr. Nate and he helped me with some adjustment to my posture, mobility , and some of my joints and some helpful exercises.  I am back to running pain free and could not be happier with the progress.  SO GLAD TO BE RUNNING AGAIN AND TO HAVE BETTER HEALTH OVER ALL."  (35-year-old male, office job)

"Before PT I was experiencing extreme pain (8-10) in the hip while walking (80% of time).  After PT the pain I was experiencing is now gone.  I am able to perform all duties required at work and home.  It is such a wonderful relief to be pain free again.   We are also working on further strengthening of weak muscles to avoid further problems.  It was well worth going through."  (67-year-old male, warehouse worker)

"I came to Dr. Gay with severe knee pain.  This was after seeing my orthopedic doctor, another physical therapist, and an MRI.  Dr. Gay discovered a compressed area in my lower back and began to work on that.  After five visits I feel ten years younger and am able to move other parts of my body (neck, upper body, hips, etc.) better than I have in years.  When I came, I had severe knee pain--it hurt to walk (limping), drive, or sit (for an extended period of time).  I am now walking normally, can drive without any pain, and am able to sit easily for an hour." (52-year-old female, elementary school teacher)

"My PT experience here overall was very good.  It was a positive atmosphere and every time I left my appointment I always felt encouraged.  I came with hip and shoulder pain. I was unable to run without pain, do any type of weight bearing exercises.  I was unable to do any shoulder press exercises and even a simple push up.  With physical therapy it helped get to the source of my problem and relieve the pain.  I am now able to run pain free, as well as do weight bearing exercises.  I have been able to rebuild the foundational muscles.   And I am leaving pain free.  Thank you for all of your help, and encouragement!"  (19-year-old female, college student)

"I have had pain/tightness in my upper back for several years.  The pain did not make any activities difficult for me, but it was extremely annoying and uncomfortable.  I had to get my back adjusted very often.  My shoulders and hips were also slightly uneven.  I felt immediate relief after my first visit with Dr. Nate, and I continued to feel better and better throughout the week as I did the stretches and exercises that he gave me.  I continued to progress after my second visit, and now I no longer need by back adjusted and the pain has improved so drastically.  I continue to stretch and apply the tips that Dr. Nate suggested (posture, etc.) and the pain is almost completely gone.  I am so happy with the results and thankful that I went to Dr. Nate.  He is very professional and cares about helping the patient get well.  I would highly recommend visiting his practice!  The results are amazing!"  (16-year-old female)