Frequently Asked Questions

What is physical therapy?

Physical Therapy is a healthcare discipline that focuses on the human movement system.  Physical therapists, many of whom have a doctoral degree, evaluate and treat individuals to identify problems in muscles, joints, and nerves that negatively impact human movement and performance.  Physical therapists specialize in treating many types of movement dysfunctions and the pain associated with those limitations.  They are experts in care of back pain, neck pain, shoulder, knee, and ankle problems, and other movement disorders.

Why should I see a physical therapist?

If you are experiencing any difficulty with movement, due to pain, stiffness, weakness, or other underlying cause, a physical therapist is your specialist of choice.  Physical therapists focus their entire profession on the diagnosis and treatment of movement issues and are committed to restoring you to the highest possible level of function and the lowest possible level of pain and limitation in your daily activities.

How is Primary Solutions Physical Therapy different from other physical therapy practices?

Primary Solutions offers several distinctives in its approach to caring for you:

1.  We offer access to our services without the need for a physician referral.  You can begin to restore your movement and decrease your pain more quickly.

2. You will see the same practitioner every visit, and our hour-long visit structure allows you to have time—something that is becoming rarer in healthcare—with your practitioner to allow full and in-depth assessment and treatment of your movement limitations.

3. Primary Solutions offers manual therapy and exercise-based interventions, which have been shown in clinical research to provide faster and more effective results with movement disorders.  You will receive treatment to both decrease your pain, and to empower you to manage your own symptoms.

4. Primary Solutions philosophy is one of patient empowerment.  Our goal is to enable you to manage your own movement problems in as few visits as possible.  We want to work ourselves out of a job with every individual we see!

5. Primary Solutions offers an alternative to the complexities of the insurance system by providing a simple, up-front hourly rate to patients.  Payment is rendered at the time of service, and you don’t have to worry about a bill showing up later for more than you expect.

Can you bill my insurance?

Primary Solutions believes the distinctive value of our services warrants our reasonable hourly rate.  Should you wish to pursue insurance reimbursement, we will provide you an itemized invoice with the medical codes for your treatment.  You may submit this to your insurance provider for consideration of these costs to be added to a deductible or to be reimbursed at an out-of-network rate.  This will be your responsibility and Primary Solutions cannot guarantee that services will be covered/reimbursed by any particular insurance program.  Some insurances will require a physician referral for physical therapy services to be covered.